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3D Hubs is Dead

3D Hubs started off with a unique idea. At home print enthusiast like I once was could sign up to 3D hubs and list their own printing service, building a networked community of printers all over the world. Someone could send a design file to 3D Hubs, and it would be printed locally by someone who lives nearby. The company has tens of thousands of people signed up to its network and combined they’ve manufactured more that 1.7 million parts. So far only a handful of...

September 13, 2018

Using 3D printing and modelling for your architectural projects and pitches

Your tools are incredible at designing and managing the build but to increase the value of your pitch, a 3D model in the hand of your client is something they won't want to give back. Architecture is about combining form and function to create something new, beautiful and fit for purpose. Translating those ideas can have its challenges even with your peers, let alone your clients. Quickly create a tangible model to dramatically increase the impact and understanding of your pitch or idea. As incr...

September 7, 2018

Metal Casting 3D Printed Parts

It is now easier than ever to produce 3D printed plugs or moulds that foundries can replicate in your desired metal. This can be especially useful for product development, short run manufacturing, one-off unique parts or even artistic pieces that require the mechanical or aesthetic benefits metals have to offer. This method of printing and casting also removes the traditional tool making cost associated with the process, and as foundries only charge for the volume of metal used, it can be a chea...

August 30, 2018

Upon a Pond

In the early months of 2016, John Troy O’Sullivan contacted me to discuss the potential of a rather large public art project that was to be produced in bronze from investment casting techniques. This was not the first time we had spoken, as it was him who initiated my first ever prints that were destined to be burnt, melted and sacrificed for his own personal stainless steel investment casting project. Not having seen any drawings or renders, it was very hard to visualise w...

August 30, 2018

Truck'in Awesome

This means they are specifically set up to perform individual tasks and therefore get fitted with various equipment before they are put on the roads. For this particular case we needed to fit a Power Take Off (PTO) to the engine, also known as a “live drive”. A PTO is a type of mechanical power source, it provides some sort of rotating shaft or flange that’s driven from either the trucks engine or transmission to which hydraulic pumps or gearboxes can be fitted to for the purpose of drivin...

August 30, 2018

About my Dad

I loved model building and painting and can remember from a very young age my fascination with unscrewing and disassembling toys, watches, radios, you name it! Basically anything I could get my hands on was ultimately pulled apart because of my interest in how things worked (unfortunately at this age re-assembly was never a strong point of mine!). Over the years I spent countless hours in the shed with my late father Bruce Barnes, a successful entrepreneur, who I know continues to influence...

August 30, 2018

Naked ladies

I dropped off some #3dprinted #nakedladies to the foundry to show them a new polishable filament I was trialling. Got a call to say they cast them in bronze... The finishing possibilities are endless!...

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