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Using 3D printing and modelling for your architectural projects and pitches

Your clients will love you for giving them a 3D printed scale model of their new home or building

Your tools are incredible at designing and managing the build but to increase the value of your pitch, a 3D model in the hand of your client is something they won't want to give back.

Architecture is about combining form and function to create something new, beautiful and fit for purpose. Translating those ideas can have its challenges even with your peers, let alone your clients.

Quickly create a tangible model to dramatically increase the impact and understanding of your pitch or idea. As incredible as your computer tools are, a physical object has a much higher emotional and cognitive connection and the good news is, it is quick and inexpensive to achieve.

The 3D printer does all the work for you, saving time on creating a model or shape study by hand.

A 3D printer can create any object for you to convince your client with one, or several high quality models during your pitch.


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