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The 3Duke Engineering Process

The first stage is usually a client sending me a file for printing for me to quote on. (For clients who have their own 3D CAD design, I can base my pricing from a supplied digital file.) For those that don't we can talk about the best way forward for you!

I will find out what your purpose is to best select what material and quality you need.

I may go over some challenges your particular part might have in the 3D printing process, or suggest some small changes that will be beneficial for either printing or even your intended purpose. We want the best solution for you.

We may also talk about some of the various finishing techniques your part or product may benefit from.

At this point I will send through your official quote which you will happily accept!

We then start printing and keep you updated on progress along the way.

Once any finishing, painting or polishing is complete we ship or deliver the printed parts to you.

Think outside the box

Get your project over the line with a 3D printed visual model

Let's create!

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