Creativity cubed: 3D printing that delivers

Need a prototype for a product you’re designing? A visual aid for a client pitch or presentation? Metal casting? Manufacturing? Looking for faster development time and a faster time to market for your product?

We’re here to open up a world of possibility for you - literally turning your ideas into reality

Think outside the box

Get your project over the line with a 3D printed visual model

We use plastic and resin 3D printing to create objects, parts and tools for a wide range of people in all kinds of industries, from hobbyists and students to product designers, engineers and even aerospace rocket ship builders!

You’re in good hands

Making the 3D Printing Process simple, enjoyable and successful is our passion. Your ideas are met with our experience and creativity, creating tangible solutions to concepts you’ve only dreamed about.

Importantly, you can trust us to be discreet with your designs. Most of our work cannot be shown due to its confidential nature. 

You are on the cutting edge. We just help you make the cut!

3D Printed Turbo Impeller
3D Printed Sculpture
3D Printed Cylinder Head

Why 3DUKE?


We select fit-for-purpose materials and print properties for the best result first time

High quality:

Our pride is in delivering the best 3d print surface finish and accuracy for you

We care!

Trust us for personal, friendly and affordable service with creativity along the way

3D Printing, 3D Design, 3D Scanning, Metal Casting Patterns

3DUKE can help with all aspects of the design process .

Special attention is given to metal casting patterns, prototyping (visual + functional), hobbies and anything large and out of the ordinary. You will benefit from the experience I have in post 3D printing finishing techniques such as joining parts, sanding, painting, and chemical vapour smoothing/polishing.

3DUKE Engineering 3D Printing Richard


My name is Richard Duke and I’m a 3D print-o-holic

3D printing for me started back in 2013 when the topic about the rapid progression of this technology found its way into one of my many office water cooler conversations. A few hours of post conversation Google investigation later I hastily made my first 3D printer purchase and have never looked back since!

Latest on the blog

We Went Big

When BASF introduced the first Isopropanol-Azole free crop protection fungicide, they needed a clever way to show it off. But just how do you display a chemical compound liquid with impact? Why notRead more

Investment Casting 3D Printed Patterns

3Duke Engineering have been working alongside local Foundries and providing 3D printed parts for use in the investment casting process since 2016! Lost Wax Casting has been around since 3700BC, andRead more

Te Hau-Ora

In late 2019 Jasmax Architectural firm launched a new brand identity based around their bi-cultural core. Inspired by traditional Maori flutes used in spiritual ceremonies, Te Hau-Ora was created inRead more

The ShieldsUP Project - Keeping Busy During The Lockdown

Approximately 12 hours prior to the initiation of New Zealand's Level 4 lock down, there was chatter within the maker forums about the possible shortages of personal protection equipment (PPE) forRead more

Ironclad Pan Co

The Ironclad Pan Company was founded in 2019 by Kate Slavin, Levi Slavin and Joe Carter. Their aim was to create a sustainable product that would be a return to beautiful craft and traditionalRead more

Snug Homes - Pourakino

In March of 2018, Prefab NZ ran a design competition to open up the conversation about alternative housing options. The result was to have a pattern-book selection of finalists so that prospectiveRead more

3D Hubs is Dead

3D Hubs started off with a unique idea. At home print enthusiast like I once was could sign up to 3D hubs and list their own printing service, building a networked community of printers all overRead more

Using 3D printing and modelling for your architectural projects and pitches

Your tools are incredible at designing and managing the build but to increase the value of your pitch, a 3D model in the hand of your client is something they won't want to give back. ArchitectureRead more

Metal Casting 3D Printed Parts

It is now easier than ever to produce 3D printed plugs or moulds that foundries can replicate in your desired metal. This can be especially useful for product development, short run manufacturing,Read more

Upon a Pond - Investment Casting a 3D Printed Sculpture

In the early months of 2016, John Troy O’Sullivan contacted me to discuss the potential of a rather large public art project that was to be produced in bronze from investment casting techniques.Read more

Truck'in Awesome

This means they are specifically set up to perform individual tasks and therefore get fitted with various equipment before they are put on the roads. For this particular case we needed to fit a PowerRead more

Tribute to Dad

I loved model building and painting and can remember from a very young age my fascination with unscrewing and disassembling toys, watches, radios, you name it! Basically anything I could get my handsRead more

Let’s create

If you know what you’re after, fill out the details here and we will get the process started. Otherwise feel free to call or email me.

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What they're saying...

First class consultation and alternative suggestions appreciated. Prompt delivery. Very competitive pricing. Excellent quality. Exemplary service all round.

 - Michael

3Duke Engineering is simply the best 3D printing service. They helped me out enormously to bring my creation to a reality. While also producing my model in a matter of days under pressure. A novice myself, they guided and supported me by giving me suggestions to help my model become a reality. 3Duke Engineering provides great communication and helps you out each step of the way, from start to delivery. I will definitely use them again and cannot wait to get my next model printed. I highly recommend 3Duke Engineering.

  - Te Rangi

This is the second time I have used Richard and he is the best. He always goes the extra mile to make it perfect. I wouldn't go anywhere else! 

- Sophie


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