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3D Printed Awards

Awards are a great way to acknowledge outstanding achievements, but when it comes to rewarding top shelf performance, why do it with an off the shelf trophy? You know its only going to get tossed in that second draw under the desk next week, you know the one? Its got that collection of lanyards and the stacks of business cards you cant use because they have the old company logo on them!

When your rewarding that which stands out, make sure your award reflects the achievement! 

Bring us your ideas, your logos, your company colours and we'll do the rest. We can take that thought from your head, or your sketch on a post-it, and create a 3d model on your screen to spin around before we set off to make the real thing!

We can work with your company logos or paint things in your specific brand colours, arrange engraved plaques with names. We can even falsely weight the awards to give them that hefty sense of accomplishment. 

Let us know what you have in mind, and let's see if we can bring it to life!


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