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My name is Richard Duke and I’m a 3D print-o-holic

3D printing for me started back in 2013 when the topic about the rapid progression of this technology found its way into one of our many office water cooler conversations. A few hours of post conversation Google investigation, and I hastily made my first 3D printer purchase and have never looked back since! 3d printing nz

Blindsided by the topic I knew very little about, intrigue evolved to experimentation, on to a hobby, and now I’m left with an absolute passion for 3D printing. Since my knowledge of the industry, technologies and processes continues to grow, I strive to impress through perfection in print quality, creative solutions and affordability. 3d printing nz

Growing up I had always been a tinkerer.

I loved building and painting kit set models and can remember from a very young age my fascination with unscrewing and disassembling toys, watches, radios, you name it! Basically anything I could get my hands on was ultimately pulled apart because of my interest in how things worked (unfortunately at this young age re-assembly was never a strong point of mine!).

Over the years I spent countless hours in the shed with my late father Bruce Barnes, a successful entrepreneur who started both the Devon Outdoor Furniture Company and Winerax, a modular wine rack system exceptional enough for Trade & Enterprise NZ to kick start the business with a generous grant. Both companies still exist today.

I’m methodical and process orientated with high attention to detail.

I studied Mechanical Engineering and with my extensive background in the automotive industry I have a very sound mechanical understanding which has been invaluable to my clients who need someone who talks the lingo.

I currently operate numerous 3D printers from my Auckland based workshop home, 3D printing in my own time and space relieves me of huge overheads and gives me the freedom to create and explore options other 3D printing companies may not have the luxury to indulge.

Rather than relying on hugely expensive commercial grade printing machines (that get outdated so quickly as technology improves) we utilise high-end desktop machines which allows us to remain price competitive but also keep up to date with the latest technology available in 3D Printing. 3d printing nz

The best part of the process?

Delivering what I have made you!

My clients are always amazed and blown away at the quality and finish of my printed products. I love finding outside the box solutions to problems that you may have and ultimately getting people enthusiastic about 3D printing and finding out how this technology can help them and their business.

Effective technology

Creativity cubed

Quality finishing

Three dimensions, endless possibilities


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