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Snug Homes - Pourakino

SNUG - A PrefabNZ design competition for 'a home in my backyard'

In March of 2018, Prefab NZ ran a design competition to open up the conversation about alternative housing options. The result was to have a pattern-book selection of finalists so that prospective homeowners can pick-and-choose the SNUG option that suits them and their backyard.

I was contacted by Pourakino who ended up being 1 of six finalists, to 3D print a representation of their "Whitebaiter" SNUG home to have on display at the judging event.

The model of the tiny house was so impressive that I jumped at  the opertunity to get involved with this project, and it so happened Imagin Plastics had given me a special sample of their new wood blended PLA plastic made with 10% NZ pine, developed in combination with Scion.

I was itching to try out this new wood filled material, and the heavy wood tones used in the Whitebaiter's construction was a match made in heaven.


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