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Ironclad Pan Co

Forging a culinary bond between generations.

The Ironclad Pan Company was founded in 2019 by Kate Slavin, Levi Slavin and Joe Carter. Their aim was to create a sustainable product that would be a return to beautiful craft and traditional techniques. In an era of disposable products, the team wanted to create a meaningful object that people only had to buy once. Something precious, that could be handed down for generations.

In late 2019 we were contacted by Kate Slavin from the Ironclad Pan Co who had visions of creating a well designed and locally crafted cast iron skillet that would last lifetimes, literally.

She brought round countless sketches and competitor pans as we sat down together to create a CAD model of her visionary pan.

After playing round with a number of different ideas and visualising different designs, we eventuated on what is known as Ironclad Pan co's Legacy Pan.

3Duke Engineering was able to provide a 3d printed prototype of the pan, giving the Ironclad team a hands on feel for what their product would look like, before investing into production tooling. From there we were able to help create digital engraving files used for embossing the skillets typeface, and 3d printed forms that were used by a traditional pattern maker to aid in manufacturing the sand casting patterns for production use.

This has been a fantastic project showcasing the benefits of how CAD design and 3d printing can play its role in product development, and help speed up the manufacturing process. By blending a little bit of new technology, with some traditional pattern making, and the age old sand casting process, we were able to help bring this beautiful product to life. You can read more about the Ironclad Pan Co here.

Were absolutely chuffed to have played a part in this companies success story and were looking forward to helping them extend their range of culinary products in the near future.


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